Richards Double Reeds

Richards Double Reeds have been made for two generations. Richard Rath began making reeds when studying with Dr. William T. Gower (Gower Reeds) Afxter making reeds for Dr. Gower Mr. Rath began making the Richards Double Reed and later for the younger student the Opus one Reed.

Mr. Rath who studied oboe with Mr. John Mack, is a Yamaha Performing Artist.



American Scrape - Each reed is made using the long “W” scrape to provide dark, stable and centered tone.

Handmade - Each reed is handmade using the finest select cane, gouged and shaped in our shop, tuned to A-440.

Finest Materials - We use the finest cane and our staples are the finest brass, with a smaller shape to the specifications of older Loree staples.

Reed Shape - We use a relatively narrower shape matching the staples exactly to focus the tone, be responsive and keeping the upper register in tune.


Handmade - Each tee is gouge, shaped and profiled in our shop to our exacting specifications.

Shape - The shape is designed to produce a well centered tone, stable pitch. 

Finest Materials - We use select cane which is gouged , shaped and profiled to exact ourspecifications.

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